Himani and Mita


A short introduction of who we are:

I love to make Art, Doodling is not only my profession but also a way of expression. I left my engineering job because I had enough of sitting in a cubicle 9 hours of my day. Travelling helped me realise there is a whole wide world out of coding and productivity cannot be measured in excel sheets.  ~Himani Chhabra

I am a Brand Management Pro. Travel is not a passion I chase, for me it's more personal- It's my peace of mind. While travelling I open myself to bigger things in life, and it contributes to my personal/spiritual growth. Our 9hrs job limit our mind to the everyday activities, it's important to step out of that and be open to more challenges in life. Two things I believe that helps us expand our mind are Travel and Music. And we must make time for both. ~Mita H.Singh