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Great Himalayan National Park - A self indulgent Trek to Marahni

Great Himalayan National Park - A self indulgent Trek to Marahni

This time I went to 3 days trek to Marahni. It is located at altitude of 3850 m in Great Himlayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh. This trek was organised by Great Himalayan National Park is located in Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh.

According to a local, this park was a big forest, and was used majorly by hunters for feeding “Dham” to people by killing animals before it became a national park.

In 2014, this park was added as ‘World heritage site’ by UNESCO. It is spread over an area of 1,171 km sq. at an altitude of between 1500 to 6000m.

Name of the trek : Marahni Trek

Best time to visit : April – June and October – December

Difficulty : 4/5

We started our trek with a group of 12 people in first week of November.

Day 1 :
This trek starts from a village, Pekhari , which is accessible by a road from Gushaini. Route is till pekhari is one of the best from Gushaini!

From Pekhari we walk towards Lakcha, which is a small beautiful village. Probably only here you will meet local people in your entire trek.

From Lakcha, almost after one hour of steep climbing, crossing many fields and then going inside the forest, we reached a beautiful meadow, Ranghthar. Rangathar is so beautiful! You can easily spend your complete day there by sitting on the mountain side and gazing the majestic beauty of Himalayas!

We put our first camp here!

Day 2 :

On day 2 we decided to go to Marahni and come back at Rangathar instead of camping at Marahni (when i say, rangathar is so beautiful , believe me) . So we started our trek following the ridge of the mountain. After steep climb (and very tiring) we reached Koni. View of GHNP from there is nothing less than a small heaven.

After Koni, we trekked through the forests and reached Kundri. Some people camp here too in between the beautiful meadow. After taking a break at Kundri, we started our trek towards Marahni.

You will enjoy the panorama the whole day, walking on the crest of the mountain.

Marahni is reached comfortably in the afternoon. We had good rest there after trek of good 5 km.

If you are camping in Marahni, you may either follow further the crest of the mountain to reach a small summit from where you can see both the valleys, Tirthan and Sainj.

After spending some time at the beautiful Marahni, we started our trek back to Rangathar. Where we spent our time at bonfire under beautiful sky full of stars!

Day 3 :

After spending good two days far from civilization, we started our trek back to village Pekhri. It took us almost two hours to reach the village enjoying the view of Tirthan Valley! This is an easy walk gradually back to civilization. From pekhri we spent our day in Gushaini by the river!

Tips :

Before you head for the trek, make sure you are carrying warm clothes as its is literally freezing inside the Park! Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes with good grip!

All the equipments and food items are carried by the porters!

Why Trek? :

Because where else you will get so close to the nature where you are actually touching the mountains that you gaze down from hill stations! Trek makes you challenge all your abilities, be it physical or mental! And as Edmund Hillary said, “it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”..

If you wish to visit, any trek in GHNP with Himalayan Ecotourism, visit the website here :

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