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Into the wild and beyond - Trek to Indrahara Pass

Into the wild and beyond - Trek to Indrahara Pass

This time, I will start with my experience in the hills (literally) till Triund and Indrahara Pass.

Indrahar Pass Trek starts from McLeod Ganj (Dharamshala), passes over the Dhauladhar range and ends at Chamba. This is one of the best treks if you want to get introduced to Himalaya.

Most of us are already familiar with Triund. It is a 9 km trek from McLeodganj that can be covered in 4-5 hours maximum. All you need to do before starting the trek is book yourself a camp for a night stay at Triund. This can be easily done in Dharamshala / McLeodganj. Or for that matter, you can also carry your own camps. After you book your camp, just start with the trekking and while you will reach there, your camps will be ready with delicious Pahaadi food (if you have booked them in advance).
This trek’s difficulty level is pretty moderate and is always recommended to first timers. If you are looking for a trek with 2 days duration, this one is the perfect option!

Now, I will start my experience beyond Triund.
After spending one night in Triund Hills, we headed forward for a trek of some 4 km till Laka Got which was our Base Camp. This place was, LEGEN – WAIT-FOR-IT-SNOW-SNOW-SNOW-DARY !!! We stayed in our camps for one night and it was icy cold.

Next day, we headed for Indrahara Pass. And the trek for same was nothing, but snow glaciers*. We started early morning in a row of 8. Our guides were entertaining as well as quite motivating. We crossed Laka Glacier in about 2 hours and reached Lahesh caves. These caves were a checkpoint towards Indrahara. Took a good break of some 30 minutes and then headed forward for Indrahara.

As I write to explain what it was to head from Lahesh caves, I am getting goosebumps all over again. We had to cross few routes on which one of you can only put one foot at a time. You are literally standing on the edge of snow mountains at a height almost 14,000 fts. We tried to cross every route peacefully until we crossed few big rocks and turned to see only slant ice almost 1 km long. You put one step forward and go two steps behind. Slowly and leisurely we proceeded towards Indrahara Pass.
Unfortunately, as we were getting closer to Indrahara pass, the sky took a major change from sunny to cloudy to rainy. As per guided by our guides, we couldn’t complete the trek as we had to head back to our camps before it gets dangerous to trek back.

Returning to camps was fun. We sat in a row and slid along the snow that we trekked on while arriving here. We reached our camps in evening took a good look at the mountain we just trekked on. Though we couldn’t complete our trek, we were not sad. We were more encouraged, full of enthusiasm. We sat around the bonfire and for hours discussing what-in-the-world we just did!
We slept in our camps at Laka Got when a good hail storm hit our camp but we were safe. Next day we headed for McLeodganj again taking a break at Triund and then completed our trek!

This trek will always be the most memorable days of my life. I never felt more close to nature than this! It was mesmerizing and left me spell-bounded for rest of my life!

BEST TIME FOR THIS TREK – September – Mid October

1st day – Triund
2nd, 3rd days – Laka Got
4th day – headed back to Delhi

DIFFICULTY LEVEL – Moderate to difficult

Itinerary – If you are motivated enough to do this trek, you can find the itinerary at websites of Trekking India / Indiahikes.

* For trekking in the snow, we got our shoes from Decathlon Noida[You will go and tell them what kind of trek you are heading to and they will help you with shoes].

If you have any questions / or if you need any help with planning your trip feel free to contact us on or message us here on FB or leave a comment or just do anything!

Stay tuned for more Bytes from us! Cheers.

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