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In the land of Hippies - Hippie Island

In the land of Hippies - Hippie Island

Hippie island has to be one of the most chilled out and laid back places I have visited in the recent past. My trip to Goa was often marred with sad commercial and party scenes, where everyone wanted to be pompous and loud. For souls like you and me, who seek solace and silence, who want to chill and unwind – this is the place we always want to be!

Note, that Hippie Island is not a real island, as appears from the name. It has an almost identical landscape and a feel, as the main Hampi but has a different vibe of peace and serenity. Unlike the main Hampi, where you had to rely on the auto guys (tuk-tuk) and the guides to show you around – you can easily rent a two wheeler and be your own travel guide, surprise yourself and stumble into new places, getting lost in the wilderness and allowing the silence break into your system.

There are a number of cafes, of all types, serving a wide variety of cuisines and you can easily hop from one café to another. The place is flocked with many tourists, many of whom are non-Indians and if you are new to the hippie way of lifestyle, this is where you want to observe and learn.

Café recommendation in Hampi :

  • Shanti Dhama –This is where I spent most of my time Hampi. We were lucky to stumble on this café, that is located in the interior parts of the Hippie Island and has a sprawling view of the ruins, great ambiance, and a super awesome host. They have a very friendly golden retriever named Max, who is a darling! I have a lot of stories of this café and am going to do a separate post about it. You can find them here, Shanthi Dhama Hampi.
  • Laughing Buddha – The café should be renamed as The Sleeping Buddha. I literally dozed off for an hour and so did my friends, thanks to the great ambiance and a spectacular view.
  • Jungle Tree, Mowgli, White Elephant, Shanti etc. are some other cafés we hopped during our stay.
  • There is a German bakery and some other small bakeries if you want to try something sweet.
  • Most cafes have a specific style of gourmet, so make your selections, or else you might end up getting paranthas instead of Pita bread!
  •  Most of the cafes will serve you Kingfisher Premium (beer) for INR.200, and other than that there aren’t many options for alcohol.
  • And don’t forget to have a glass of fresh fruit juice everyday, coz that is what we hippies love!

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