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Mini Israel of India - Kasol Diaries

Mini Israel of India - Kasol Diaries

Take a break. Travel to a place that opens the corner of your mind you didn’t know about. Raise your hand in the air and feel the breeze, feel the flow of water and let the sun kiss.

Kasol is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, situated in Parvati valley, on the Banks of Parvati River in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. It was used to be a remote village majorly occupied by Israelis. It was also known as a base camp for Mountaineers for nearby treks to Sar Pass and Pin Valley.

Kasol is divided into Old and New Kasol by the bridge on Parvati River. Apart from the tranquil environment and valley view, it is known for wild charas and hand made hashish, which is widely grown in the area. And hence Kasol and Tosh are a home to a lot of youngsters and hippies.


-The best place to stay within Kasol is the Alpine Resort with huge rooms, fresh food, and a perplexing view.

-Himalayan Village is a little far from the main Kasol and a little expensive with rooms starting @ Rs. 7k. If you decide to stay here, you will not regret spending a little more as it is an impressive property with beautiful Hut shaped rooms and a huge area of its own.

- For backpackers - There are numerous places where you can get a room for merely 300 Rs. One is near Shiva Cafe. One is on the hike towards Jim Morrison Cafe. 

Also, I will advise you to book a room in Chalal {15 mins walk from Kasol} and take a room away from the market area.

Best time to visit Kasol:

It is advisable to visit Kasol between March-June and Sept-Nov. Avoid monsoons.

How to reach Kasol:

Kasol is located 42 km east of Kullu at the height of 1640 meters.

– By Car, it has descent roads to be traveled by car. The last 40-45kms can be a little narrow but has a bewildering view.

– By Bus, take a Himalayan Tourism Volvo bus to Kullu or Bhuntar. From there on you can board a taxi or local bus to Kasol.

Things to do in Kasol:

– Kasol has numerous good cafes and restaurants. It is a good idea to try the Israeli and continental cuisine. You can start your day with Pancake at Moonwalk. Few other cafes I can suggest are Evergreen, Jim Morrison, and Stone Garden. You should also try the small tea shop near the bridge.

– It is an important base for trekking towards Tosh, SarPass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parvati Pass and Kheerganga.

– Hot springs at Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, a 5kms walk from main Kasol.

- Visit Tosh. You can take a cab or bus from Kasol and reach Tosh in an hour. You can get a cheap room for almost 500Rs for a night and you can spend your time there under clear sky full of stars.

- Visit Chalal. You can cross the bridge in Kasol and reach Chalal for a good evening walk.

Wherever you go, leave nothing behind but footprints!


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