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8 best things to do in Hampi

8 best things to do in Hampi

What to do in Hampi?

1. Rent a two-wheeler at dirt cheap price! A scooty costs you INR. 200/- a day, if you bargain right. There are mopeds and bicycles too. Go for bicycles only if you are fit enough to endure the slopes and treacherous roads of Hampi. Mopeds are the favorite among many foreigners. Petrol is sold in many shops in plastic bottles and costs INR 90/- per liter.

2. Meet/interact with locals and other co-travelers. During my journey through Hampi, I was fortunate to come across many interesting and warm-hearted people, and I am going to carry many meaningful conversations ahead in my life. Don’t be shy to smile and say hello.

3. Do give the local cuisine and fresh fruits a try. My favorite was the Veg Thali along with Papaya or Watermelon juice.

4. Immerse in nature – Find a tree to sit under, chase the Sun, watch its reflection in a lake and gaze at the infinite stars and constellations dancing above the boulders. Hampi is a visual treat for the soul.

5. Temples – I witnessed my History books come to life. From genius architecture to intricate carvings and detailed labor, the majestic temples of Hampi have stood through the ages and still provide answers that all of us have craved.

Temples of Hampi include – Vittala (dedicated to Lord Vishnu), Virupaksha (commemorated in the worship of Lord Shiva), Aengundi (Hanuman temple), Laxmi Narasimha, Hazara Rama, and Krishna.

6. Watch the sunset and sunrise, every day.

7. Lakes of Hampi – Find a nice, clean and still lake around and jump! Some lakes are believed to have crocodiles. I am joking. Or Am I?

8. Get lost in the wilderness. Escape. Explore. Experience. Chill. Do it all while you are here.

What NOT to do in Hampi?

1. Throw garbage and pollute Hampi – If you are one of those who has the habit of casually letting an empty packet of chips or biscuits “slip through” your fingers, or one of the smokers who casually stubs the filter bud anywhere, or the one who casually throws away banana peels and other objects, “casually” on the ground, then this wall art is for you.

2. Deface the temples and architecture of Hampi – Please respect the sanctity of the religious structures and the humongous amount of human effort spent on its construction. It takes a minute to deface them, etch your name in the beautiful rock carvings or spoil the structures. Respect your culture and heritage. It is all we have.

3. Fret about time – I had virtually lost the concept of time when I was in Hampi. My day revolved around the sunrise and sunset, and perhaps this is what we all shall strive towards.

We, humans, have chained ourselves with the illusion of time, while all we have is this moment. Think about it, and do not worry about the hands of the ticking clock. 

Don’t worry, be Hampi

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