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H2O House, Chamba- Delve into the Himalayan Lifestyle

H2O House, Chamba- Delve into the Himalayan Lifestyle


Why are we all so curious about the future?

Saving money, investing in a plan with better returns, adapting ourselves as per latest technology and trends.

Have you ever wondered how life was before civilization?

Did you know, that the wheat we eat today is how the concept of future came into existence! It is a little knowledge I gained and would love to share with you.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind a book by Professor Yuval Harari, is a human history framework. He has put light into the fact that sapiens back in the Stone Age were mostly hunter-gatherers for their daily lives and diet. They would re-locate themselves in search of food and shelter. The imagination of future did not exist and they lived for the day they had in hand. With Wheat cultivation, sapiens learned seasons change and growth of the grain is limited. And thus came the idea of saving for future. 



H2O House in Chaminoo Village Dist. Chamba, Himachal Pradesh- a concept of Not on Map is a homestay extended from an old village house. It is an idea very well put together to preserve and promote the delicacy of this small village. It is a great place for travellers to traverse the Himalayan lifestyle.

Chaminoo Village is 12kms from Chamba, that can take you around 30mins in car/bus. The property is located midst towering mountains and shares a charming view of river side.

The property is built on a river stream, so we enjoyed the soothing sound of water running all through the day. The same river stream is used for the in-house “gharat”- wheat grinder that churns grains into flour by using the flow of water. The same “gharat” supplies grind wheat and maize flour to the whole village. It is a barter deal, where villagers exchange other grains or services in return.

We loved very bite of our food served as the breads were made from freshly churned wheat and all vegetables were organic. The food preparations were Satvik- with the minimum use of onion and garlic, and with authentic Himachali taste.

The construction is mostly done by locally sourced natural raw material. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and cozy. In day time, the property is well lit with direct sunlight. There are 5 cottages in total, you can select as per number of guests.

Shanku Bhaiya is the tour guide who would take you on a village tour, on request. It is one of the things you must do to understand the old preserved traditions and values of Chamba. The Village tour will take you through Old village houses and lanes. Some buildings are more than a 100yrs old and still stands tall with its ebullient personality. The kitchen still works and serves as per old customs.

The people of Chamba are very polite and would always welcome you with a smile. It is a quality experience in all and would convince you to put the future worries to rest and take a walk down the past. Learn how simple life can be if we just start from where we are, use what we have and do what we can.

We loved sharing this experience with our Travel Partner: Jasmine Chandla

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