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Amritsar - travel with Stay on Skill

Amritsar - travel with Stay on Skill

Amritsar- is one of the oldest cities in our country, and thus rich in history and culture. The foundation of the city was done long back in 1577 by Sikh Guru- Guru Ram Das Ji. He made Amritsar his home and built a huge complex to respite. The complex was not only made for his comfort but also for refugees searching for food and shelter. A place where everyone stayed together and believed in SEWA- service to the community. The same complex today is known as Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple. It is one of the most revered spiritual sites of Sikhism. The Sikhs from all over the world daily wish to pay visit to the temple in person or by tele-visions.

Harmandir Sahib because of it's high value in Sikh religion is one of the major reasons why people visit Amritsar. Well there are other reasons too. 

I have been to Amritsar a lot of times before with my family. And after 15 years I went there this year. Yes, it took me this long to finally come back to this holy city. I was planning a trip to Amritsar from last 1 year but because of one reason or the other, I wasn't able to make it.

Untill, one day I was approached by Stay on Skill- they shared their vision and explained about their first-ever Travel X talks in Amritsar where they invited bloggers to be a part. I had all the reasons to say Yes! First being, it was Amritsar. Second being, I really had to move out from my regular travel comfort zone. I was suddenly excited to meet new people and interact with other travel bloggers.

So I booked my train tickets immediately and there started my journey to Amritsar!


P.S.: It was the best decision to travel by train instead of Volvo otherwise I would have missed such scenic views. 

I reached Amritsar in the evening and checked-in Nomads Hostel.

Our stay in Amritsar: NOMADS HOSTEL

A place like Nomads hostel is like everything you look for in the otherwise really crowded city of Amritsar. Nomads is a quaint accommodation that is on the distance of 15 minutes from al major sites such as Harminder Sahib, main market and railway station. As soon as I reached Nomads hostel, I had a feeling that I am going to have a great time. It is equipped with facilities like; a small pool on the terrace, T-T table, small library and a lounge area with a bunch of bean bags and such cool graffiti. It has everything as per a backpacker's requirement. The rooms are spacious and clean with a common kitchen, if you want to cook anything for yourself.

Nomad Hostel is a great option for budget or solo travellers. What I like the most about hostel stays is that you may check-in individually but you check-out with fun memories and new dorm friends. The evenings in the lounge area were lit with travel stories, exclusive experiences and some music. I met few adventurous and inspiring souls here. Now I am certain I made the right choice by saying yes to Amritsar. 

Above pictures are clicked by Sahil, you can check out more of his amazing work at .

Nomads hostel is recently opened in Amritsar. They also have a hostel in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. You can contact them here:

Read about my heritage walk in Amritsar here.


Our guided tour of Amritsar with CITY ON PEDALS

City on pedals is a recent start-up in Amritsar. The idea is to explore the city on bicycles.

Why bicycles? It is a great a way to explore and stay fit, also very ecological as it saves on fuel and air pollution. In a crowded city like Amritsar where you can find traffic moving in multiple directions and humans crossing each other like ants, bicycle is the most suitable way to commute. We loved the idea of City on Pedals, and it should definately come upto all major cities.

To read details about the city tour, check:


This trip was organised by STAY ON SKILL.

It is a platform that helps you find a stay option in exchange of your skill. Your skill can be any talent like cooking, photography, coding, dancing or yoga. It is a global concept which is finally coming up in India- Thanks to Stay On Skill.

In the Travel X talk, we had a group of like-minded people gathered to share their exclusive experiences. With some inspiring travel bloggers and photographers sharing their stories and first hand information, we had a great session. It was both enriching and motivating for all of us.


We wish all the luck to Stay on Skill team, hope we meet again soon!

You can connect with them here :



Exploring Streets of Amritsar with City on Pedals

Exploring Streets of Amritsar with City on Pedals

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