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Exploring Streets of Amritsar with City on Pedals

Exploring Streets of Amritsar with City on Pedals

Amritsar is famous for it's Sikh History and it's importance during Indian Independent Movement. Amritsar is an old town in Punjab; and because of it's central location it has been a trading site. Goods, spices, grains and fabric from Amritsar is exported all over the world.

Amritsar holds the stories in its roots. In every wall that is constructed and destructed, it speaks of all the massacre the city has been through; but still stands strong.

With City on Pedals, we took a tour around Amritsar- exploring it's rich history, culture and diversity.

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh Palace

The walk started around 6am with sunrise. The first site to visit was The Maharaja Ranjit Singh's summer palace that is accompanied by Company Bagh. The building was constructed in 1818 and was named in respect to Guru Ram Das- forth Sikh Guru. The palace stands amidst vast gardens and symmetrically planned water tunnels.

The surroundings look even more alluring with soft morning light, old wooden carved doors and royal architecture.  The building is under renovation and it made me very happy to see that people care to preserve the heritage. 

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the first of Sikh ruler. You can read more about him here. 


Khairuddin Mosque

Our second stop was Khairuddin Mosque, it was built in 1876. This place keeps an important place in India's freedom struggle. Apart from that, the vibes of this place is very calm and peaceful. We spent almost an hour here stunned with it's beauty.



 Qila Ahluwalia. 

Qila Ahluwalia is a fort belonging to the Ahluwalia Misl replete with colonial-style architecture. It is amazing to see such old places still in existence and is more attractive than any newly constructed building.


The Golden Temple

Also knows as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib is a central place of worship for the Sikhs. It was designed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji- fifth Sikh Guru. The four side entrance to the temple is a sign of welcome to all people without any distinction of cast, creed, sex and religion. The holy book- Guru Granth Sahib, also regarded as the living Guru is recited in Harmandir Sahib. People in mass com to listen to Guru's teachings and pay their respect.




Also, I cannot miss to mention how much food I had in between. All of it was so delicious and that  of all the things, I miss food the most from Amritsar. The City on Pedals team will make sure that you don't miss anything if you are exploring streets of Amritsar with them. 



If you want to have the best of Amritsari delicacies, there is no way better than City on Pedals tour. They will take you out to eat everything that is best in Amritsar. Be it the famous lassiaam papadmomos or the stuffed Amritsari kulcha,  you name it and they already have it included in their list. The best of Amritsari street food is covered in the food tour of City on Pedals.


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