Kinnaur - Spiti - Lahaul -Chandratal



Trip Duration: 9 Nights 10 Days

Transfers - Ex - Shimla to Ex- Jibhi


21st September to 30th September

13th October to 22nd October

3rd November to 12th November [Mid Winter Trip] (Excluding Chandartal Lake with two nights in Demul) 


This road trip to the cold desert in the Himalayas will make you feel like you have been transported to a different world in a different era. We invite you to explore this cold barren splendor known as Spiti and be amazed at the landscape, the peaceful people and the incredible experience. The Scenery will leave you completely breathless and you won't stop saying words like incredible, awesome, amazing.

Spiti has been long overlooked by travelers while being in a rush to Ladakh; this wild and wonderful area gift of nature is finally starting to get explored by the outdoor souls. But sadly people see Spiti as a road trip destination and not an experiential based trip. As travelers ourselves, we experience the concept of Live.Live.Local where we mostly live with the local community, have their cuisine and indulge in some sort of community work .

Our accommodation partner - NotOnMap is a socio-cultural initiative to help the local villagers to earn a basic source of living by allowing cultural exchange with the guests. The concept is primitive. Neither have they discovered anything new nor can they create anything new! They are only trying to help the guests experience places which are unexplored, beautiful, peaceful, and fuel our imagination!

Why this trip:

The economy is directly transferred to the local community of villagers. You will not only touch a place and come back but rather you will get to live a different experience so when you will come back to your routine, you will not remember this trip just by looking at the pictures but the feelings and memories will be with you throughout your life!

About Travel Bug Bytes:

I started traveling 5 years back, not just to check off destinations of my bucket list, but to experience the different culture and lifestyle in our country. I am a software engineer by degree and make art to express myself! For me, traveling is not merely a hobby but a way to meet my inner self by meeting new people and spending time under the stars!

About Not On Map:

NotOnMap is a handcrafted, socially driven initiative that helps travellers around the world to experience comfortable stays, culture and food. For what remains engraved are memories; and we strive to give travellers and hosts alike the best ones. We aim to do this through deep rooted cultural exchanges which give equally rewarding for travellers and also for the host house/family/village. 
We always believed travel was not just about bed and breakfast, but about experiences the shapes one’s life. NotOnMap tries to give a experience where no matter how remote you are, you will always feel like a part of family.
Because in the end, experiences are all that matter. 

Brief Itinerary:

Day1 : Shimla to Narkanda

  • Meet and greet with team

  • understand the concept of NotOnMap

  • leave from shimla

  • hatu peak

  • Hatu Temple

  • Theog

  • Narkanda

Day2 : Narkanda - Chitkul

  • Batseri (Sangla)

  • Rakcham

  • Chitkul

Day3: Chitkul - Nako

  • Khaab (confluence of Spiti and Satluj)

  • Old Monasteries of Nako

  • Ancient Lake of Nako

Day4: Nako (Rest day)

  • Explore other 6 villages of Hangrang valley - Chango, Leo, Hango, Shalkar, Sumra, Yangthang, Malling

  • Village walks

Day5: Nako to Kaza

  • Gyu Monastery

  • Dhankar village

Day6: Kaza to Hikkim

  • Kaza Monastery

  • 11th centuary Key Gompa

  • Kibber (2nd highest village)

  • Chicham bridge

  • World’s highest post office

  • Stargazing

  • Open sky sleeping arrangement

Day7: Hikkim to Demul

  • Komic (World’s highest village)

  • Fossil Hunting in Langza

  • Komic Monastery

  • Learning local drinks

  • Village walk

Day8: Demul to Chandartal

  • Explore Losar

  • Visit Trashigang Monastery

  • Kyoto Village

  • Kunzum pass

Day9: Chandartal - Jibhi

  • Chhatru

  • Gramphu

  • Rohtang Pass

  • Jibhi

Day10: Jibhi

  • Explore Jibhi

  • Departure

Trip Highlights:

  • Exploring remote and rustic places like Hango, Demul, Kyoto, etc.

  • Exploring the local lifestyle of Kinnauris and Spitians

  • Spending time with local people and learning their lifestyle and culture.

  • Stay in one of the most remotest village of India (Demul).

  • Covering less touristy places and more NotOnMap places

  • At some places living in 200 year old mud / wooden houses.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 (15 August) : Shimla to Narkanda - 63 kms

  • We will start from Shimla by 8 am for Narkanda. In between, we will stop for the breakfast and reach Hatu Peak that is almost 30 km from Shimla. Hatu peak is the second highest peak in Shimla district. In this hike, which packs in everything that you get in a full-fledged Himalayan trek, you will see dark pine forests, superb mountain views and enchanting meadows.

  • At the top of the peak is a small wooden temple called Hatu temple. According to local belief the famous Hatu Mata temple is the temple of Maa Kaali. After spending some time here, we will leave for Theog.

  • Theog is a peaceful escape much away from the chaotic atmosphere of cities. Warmly wrapped in the arms of the mighty Himalayas, has everything a popular hill station can give you minus the tourist rush. After seeing the local culture of Theog, we will continue our journey to Narkanda.

Stay : Our first night stay will be in NotOnMap’s new property, Apple’s Den. These are the wooden cottages that are spread across the acres of Apple Orchids.

Day 2 (16th August) : Narkanda to Chitkul - 184 kms

  • Today, after having the amazing local breakfast, we will leave for the last village of India, Chitkul, while visiting beautiful villages en route.

  • Batseri is a small village in Sangla. This fairy tale Himalayan village is straight out of a story book. After taking a  good walk in this picturesque village, we leave for another beautiful village, Rakcham.

  • Rakcham is blessed with a view of snow clad mountains and houses that are as old as hundred years. This is one of the most beautiful underrated villages of Himachal.

  • And after visiting these amazing villages, we head for our destination, Chitkul.

  • Chitkul is one of the most beautiful villages of Himachal. Though this place is a touristy one, as it is popular as the last village of India, but the scenic beauty of the place is that you will not see anywhere.

Stay: Abode - The clouds. Our stay is the 400 years old house that is isolated from the main village area. Here with local food, we will dig on some local drinks too!

Day 3 (17th August) : Chitkul to Nako - 151 kms

  • Today, we will be entering in no network zone and that is how it will be for the rest of the days till Jibhi.

  • We will stop by Khaab to see the magical confluence of two rivers, Spiti river with Satluj. Two different colors of water merging with each other is something you would not want to just pass by! But stay and observe how nature works!

  • After Khaab, we will head straight towards Nako. Nako village is India’s best kept secret! This dream like village from another time is located right next to the Tibetan border, in the Himalayan highlands of the Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh region.

  • After having lunch, we will visit the ancient Nako lake The lake is surrounded by willow and poplar trees. Near the lake there are four Buddhist temples. Near this place there is a footlike impression ascribed to the saint Padmasambhava.

  • After visiting the Nako lake, we will leave for Nako Monastery. Nako Monastery is one of the oldest Monastery on the ancient routes followed by Lamas over centuries. There is even a residence of Dalai Lama for his convenience whenever his Holiness visits the area.

Stay: Tashi’s home. This place is right near the Nako lake. Tashi’s homestay is a typical local home where we will have local food sitting with the family members. And learn about the stories of Nako.

Day 4 (18th August) : Nako - Rest Day

  • After having breakfast, we will leave to visit the other parts of Hangrang Valley. Explore 6 other villages of Hangrang valley - Chango, Leo, Hango, Shalkar, Sumra, Yangthang, Malling. Hango being the last village, we will spend some time in Hango monastery we will come back to Nako by evening.

Day 5 (19th August) : Nako to Kaza - 111km

  • After spending two days in Nako, today we leave for Spiti valley. En route, we will stop by Gyu Monastery. Gyu Monastery is popular for the 600 year old mummy that is preserved in a glass box.

  • Next we will stop by a beautiful village in Spiti, Dhankar. Dhankar was the traditional capital of the Spiti Valley Kingdom during the 17th century. At the last of the village is Dhankar Monastery that is believed to be as old as Tabo monastery.

  • Then we will reach to our homestay by the evening.

Stay: Sonam’s house is an isolated stay right across the spiti river. Here we will meet the family of Sonam and have dinner with them and call it a day.

Day 6 (20th August) : Kaza to Hikkim - 40 km

  • Today, we will begin early morning so we can visit all the main places in and around Kaza.

  • First, we will stop by the newly built Kaza monastery. Sakya Tenggyu monastery is located in Kaza town of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Newly built in 2009, its vibrant Buddhist architecture illustrates a beautiful picture of Sakya sect of Tibetan culture.

  • Then, we will visit the most photographed and biggest monastery of Spiti, Key Gompa. Key is home to over 300 Lamas. You can also get a glimpse of His holiness Dalai Lama’s bed. Also, photography is only allowed on the rooftop, so keep in mind when you are roaming inside the monastery.

  • After visiting the 1000 AD monastery, we will be heading to Kibber and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located close to the village and houses many snow-dwelling animals such as Ibex, Blue Sheep, Red Fox, Tibetan Woolly Hare, Himalayan Wolf, Lynx, Pika, Tibetan Wild Ass, and Snow Leopard. If we are lucky, we might spot one of these.

  • After some adventure in Kibber, we will visit Chicham Bridge. That is the highest bridge in Asia. And after clicking some pictures here, we leave for Hikkim where world’s highest post office is situated.

  • We will visit the Post office and send some postcards to our loved ones. Also Hikkim is paradise for Star gazers!

  • Here, if you would want, open sleeping arrangements under the sky can be done.

Stay: Tsedup’s home is a traditionally built Buddhist home that is at the top of Hikkim. We will get to taste some amazing local food with local drink, Chang!

Day 7 (21st August) : Hikkim to Demul - 30km

  • Today, after having breakfast, we leave for the remotest village of Himachal, Demul and en route we will stop by the world’s highest village, Komic. And eat some delicious organic food in Spiti style!

  • We will then visit the Komic Monastery and leave for Langza.

  • Then we visit the hyped, Langza village to catch the glimpses of a Buddha statue that is believed to be 1000 years old. This place is as picturesque as it can get!

  • Then we reach Demul that is one of the remotest place in Himachal and reach a place where there is only one house in the whole village.

  • Here, we will indulge in some fossil hunting as well as some cash crop cultivation.

  • And also we will learn about some local drinks and take a walk in the village.

Stay: Mulche’s house. This is the only house in the Mulche village near Demul. The most isolated homestay where you will find no one but few wildlifes!

Day 8 (22nd August) : Demul to Chandratal - 130km

  • Today we exit from Spiti valley and enter Lahaul while visiting Losar. Losar is a chilliest village at the end of Spiti valley. Also, the last village at Indo-china border.

  • Kyoto Village is a picturesque hamlet located 13 km from Pangma in Lahaul and Spiti District. We will stop by to click some amazing pictures!

  • Then we will pass Kunzum La, called by locals is one of the highest motorable mountain passes of India.

  • We reach our tents by evening and have dinner!

Stay: We will be staying in Alpine tents near the lake in the windy weather!

Day 9 (23rd August) : Chandratal - Jibhi

  • We get up early morning to get the best views of Chandratal lake. The beauty of this lake in the arms of the Himalayas will remind you of the Moon.

  • After spending some time at the peaceful lake we will leave for our last destination of this trip, that is, Jibhi.

  • While visiting the some of really scenic villages, Gramphu and Chattru, we will continue our journey through Rohtang Pass.

  • After spending some time in Rohtang pass, we will enter one of the another beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan Valley.

  • And reach Jibhi in next 3 hours.

Stay: Offbeat footprints is in dense Rotterdam forests. It comes after 500m downhill trek, 3 kms before Jibhi. Completely isolated from the civilization!

Day 10 (24th August) - Departure

  • After spending the day in Jibhi doing some outdoor activities, we will take an overnight bus from Aut!


  • We will try to have as much as local food to understand the local values and its culture.

  • Mostly, home cooked vegetarian food will be served (Non-veg would be provided on extra cost).

Package Cost:

Total Cost 19,999 INR (Including of all Govt.Taxes).

(35% advance has to be made to book your seat and rest amount to be paid in Shimla before commencing of the trip).

               Account details :


              IFSC: HDFC0000088


1) Accommodation at all destinations as per Double/Triple sharing basis Rooms.
2) Breakfast and dinner at all hotels and camps.
3) Transfer by a SUV.
4) Reliable, experienced and adept English-speaking local driver with great knowledge of the area and the terrain.
5) Driver charges, driver accommodation, fuel and interstate toll.
6) Camping fees, comfortable tents and sleeping bags and meals at Chandratal Lake.

Package Doesn’t Include:

Any Personal Expenses / Tips / Beverages / Meals that are not mentioned in the itinerary.

Monastery / Museum Fees

Any activities, permits, services, accommodation or transfers are not mentioned in the itinerary.

Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances including medical emergencies and acts of God.

Anything that is not mentioned in the above list of inclusions.

Attached is the media kit for the trip.

If there are any queries regarding this, please revert to this email or call us directly on +919999559252 or +919953291165.